The project

        The European project may be the current most beautiful and long lasting project promoting peace and harmony between individuals. That in itself deserves some beautiful and long lasting celebration.

The European project started in 1958, when the European institutions were coincidentally or accidentally built and opened in Brussels, the city became de facto the European Union capital and started attracting flows of human beings, leaving their national member states to settle here and work towards the European project. As of today, so sixty years later, the European capital is still abounding with people from all 28 European member states and beyond – living and working here towards what they perceive as a common dream.

The question we ask ourselves through this project (aka Humans of the E.U.) is:

Who are these people?

What are their stories?

Where do they place themselves as human beings in this broader European project that they work so hard towards?

With their happy and not so happy days – these people believe in this idea(l) that is the European Union. The EU would not be, without these people.

This photoblog is about all of these people, about their stories, about who they are and also about how the EU project contributes (albeit a bit) in shaping part of who they are. This photoblog stems from a place of love. Because the European Union after all stems from a place of love.

This visual storytelling project aims to not only provide education about the E.U.’s human beings, and indirectly about the E.U. in itself and I also hope for it to bring harmony between people, through the power of storytelling: with all the emotions, sincerity and human connection that stories ignite in us.