“Humans of the EU” in the news

  • (November 8, 2018): ‘That moment when’ the European Parliament hosted EuropCom in its hemicycle and presented Humans of the E.U. , as an initiative helping to ‘Campaigning for Europe’

Link to the EuropCom session: https://cor.europa.eu/en/events/Pages/EuroPCom-2018.aspx

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  • (December 2018) ‘That time when’ BRUZZ TV interviewed Soundous Boualam, the founder of Humans of the EU – filming her through a ‘typical’ day of work at the European Parliament interviewing a participant of HoEU:


  • (February 2, 2018) ‘That morning when’ POLITICO Brussels mentioned Humans of the EU and used this cute wordplay: *HEUmanity

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