The European Union was created to sustain peace between the people of Europe. It creates between human beings an ineffable bond : the promise of an eternal construction that aims to respect all identities; all thoughts and choices and emotions, as long as these in turn respect values of collective progress, humanity and peace. Within this union, Europeans – people belonging to Europe, coming from it or being in it – are in the end part of the same human condition.

The project is a parabola for the human condition of the E.U. : the European Union as a project is defined by what its people experience in their daily lives, how they live here, how they have grown here and how they continue to do so.

Humans of the European Union presents photographs, snaps, short stories and words of human beings directly involved in the European project. The visuals and stories are not about these peoples’ jobs or missions per se, but about the people themselves. 

This page does not convey nor represent any commercial or political goals. It is cross-political and transcends all notions and differences between political groups, genders, ethnicities. It is about humanity.

At Humans of the E.U. , we believe it is when you wonder about people, try to understand where they come from (emotionally, mentally – from within), that you can truly accept them. Through understanding and accepting the human face of the E.U., one will understand the E.U. better and also be able to relate to it as what it always will be: a union of human beings wishing to live and work together in peace.

The European Union’s beauty is inseparable from its fragility.