Humans of the E.U. features pictures and stories of the humans who make the European Union the amazing project that it is.
The Eurobubble is the name sometimes given to the Brussels-based network of European institutions (the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Council), as well as Non Governmental Organisations, lobbies, consultancies, other types of organisations – and this bubble is in fact filled with humans coming from different countries, backgrounds and with different aspirations. One thing unites them though: their work towards the European project.

Beautiful isn’t it?

This is a glimpse into the many lives that are touched in one way or another by the European Union, a glimpse into the profiles of humans united by the same idea – a better Europe.

Humans of the E.U. is cross-party and transcends all notions and differences between political groups, genders, ethnicities. It is about HUMANS. What makes these humans who they are (or part of who they are) – how their work for the EU contributes to their personal aims and goals and becoming the people they want to become.