The one who looked up to ‘him’



16:40. I am eldest of three: the only girl with two younger brothers, but our parents always tried to raise us in the same, egalitarian way. My mum was a stay-at-home mother and my father was an architect who eventually became an entrepreneur. I have to say that I looked up to him quite a lot: he had to pay for his studies by himself, which was not an easy path. He was always very encouraging of my achievements. The school I went to as a child, in South London, was a mixed school and it was very egalitarian. I did a lot of music and I played many sports. In fact, I was always a very sporty person; my brothers on the other hand, were not so much! (She laughs) I guess I simply have the feeling that during most of my life, if not all of it, it never mattered that I was a girl or a boy, as long as I worked hard. My dad always expected to do my best just like any other.

(Angela is the head of the European Publishers Council, a high level group of individuals leading European media corporations.)