The one who questioned his privilege

Joseph14:30. My brother is a medical doctor. He spent some time in Ethiopia, working in an orphanage and when he came back, his whole outlook on life had changed. He said he could no longer understand that ‘we can live the way we do in Europe’ and he was right. We do live in a part of the world where we have enough, but not everyone is lucky enough to be born in this affluent part of the world. It’s just lottery, right? 

What my brothers and I realised is that: as young Europeans, we do enjoy a lot of freedom but that this also comes with a responsibility and we felt our responsibility was to help others grow through sustainable ways. So we started this project in Ethiopia, with the initial idea of helping young women from underprivileged social backgrounds and particularly orphans. The beautiful thing is that we learned so much together doing this project. My eldest brother has the scientific background, my other brother has the economic background; we have different skills that complete each other. We became well structured as partners. Plus, this project made us connect as much as possible. At times we met in Addis and at others we Skyped quite a lot because we were living in different parts of Europe. Every time we had to talk about the project, it was also an opportunity to say ‘hey, by the way – how are you doing man?’ 

( Joseph is a press officer at the European Commission and is talking here about PROJECT-E, a project he has set up with his brothers in Ethiopia , with the aim of setting up sustainable ways for the education of young underprivileged women.

(Photography and story by Soundous Boualam)