The one who cared

Jennifer Orange.jpg

14: 15 . Why do I care? Because we all need to do our part in this world. All nations and all people are supposed to be part of the transition towards a more sustainable world. We cannot afford the pace of global warming anymore ! So, what we do with my colleagues and the politician I work for, is that we push for wording regarding environmental regulation at the European level. The EU is already doing so much, but we are not even close to getting where we need to be in terms of fighting climate change. We must be wary of letting Europe be driven by economic interests. Our world should not be driven purely by economics, because although economy is important for progress, it is not the best means for it. Our common goal as a humanity, should be for us to be healthy and happy people. We should all feel peaceful at least. So, this is why I care.


Jennifer is an accredited parliamentary assistant, focussing on environmental affairs at the EP in Brussels.

I met her through a feminist network called Period. and later on I were to find out that she is not only an outspoken feminist and environmentalist – she is genuinely someone who cares about the well being of others.

How so? Well, I was having a bit of a low period at work when Jennifer agreed to meet me for a talk. We didn’t necessarily know each other very well but she took the time to listen to my concerns and she cared. She told me to focus on doing my part and to keep my head high.

At that moment I thought again : there are some beautiful people in this institution. The sad thought I also had was that I was very close to having a burnout back then and that there are probably many, many people in this institution as in many big organisations – who approach a similar state at one or many points of their careers. I hope for them that they find their Jennifer.


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