Two funky jumpers and a talk about structure


#1 – The one who liked *some* structure –
11:40 . This is a book from a norwegian writer – he wrote a biography in six volumes. In this one he presents the most trivial facts of his daily life. He writes about life like it is. Sometimes he writes 30 pages of him buying groceries, writing messages sms’es to his wife for them to pick the vegetables together. Why this book? I have this book challenge that I am doing – 52 books a year qnd this is number 37. This gives me a structure and I need that, because if I challenge myself then I am going to read every night . No matter what happens. I like having this structure. I’m reading this book in english yes, but my mother tongue is French. I also speak swedish and it fits well in the structure of my work, since I work in a swedish office.

Michel is a parliamentary adviser at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.


#2 – The one who disliked *that* structure –
14:45 . I do not want to practice my spirituality within a structure that was imposed to me. My first experience with pantheism was when I went to Cuba. I got in contact with the Babalawo there and he invited me over for a ritual. There were animal offerings, chickens and pigeons were killed and I had to drink some blood. I like the idea that temple is just a room or a place where you feel comfortable. There is no this strict ceremony or strict way.
For a long time, I could not deal with the image of God as being this man high in the sky who is busy with me and with you and with other beings. The idea that out of nothing an immense force summoned us to exist, within a few days, that is something I cannot fathom. Let alone that this force is following what we do.
Alright I’ll give that to you – there is a force. But the force doesn’t do anything for us. We do it all ourselves. The essence of the force for me is interconnectedness. The force is with me and it is with you. That I can believe in. But I respect yours too. There are elements of great tolerance and of great hate depending on how you decide to use a religion, or belief, or myth.
That is actually why I dislike atheists – they have the same mindset as the greatest religious people. They basically say: if the world was like us, if everyone thought like us then the world would be better.
I have tremendous dislike for people who think their way is the way.

Jan is a press officer at the European Parliament. He is also a writer and has taught paganism in Antwerp, Belgium.










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