The ones who took a (photo) break



1/2 – ‘Alright let’s take a quick break. ‘But if our manager sees us he won’t be too happy.’ ‘Too bad my make up is not on point today.’

‘Nina, smile, she is doing it.’

Nina and Marta have been working for the cleaning service of the European Parliament in Brussels for 17 years.


– On taking a photo break – 2/2
(Olivia) “Alright, let’s do a photo memory but so you know : I hate taking photos. ”
Olivia is a political scientist based in Antwerp, Belgium and has introduced the idea of de-colonizing thought. They have both taken part in the simulation Europe on trial; re-questionning the EU’s response to the refugee crisis – trial that took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sangita is a researcher at Tilburg University, focussing on the deprivation of nationality and the notion of statelessness.
(Sangita) I’m so happy I met her. and I’m so happy I get to speak on this important topic today. Every 10 minutes, a child is born stateless somewhere in the world. Can you imagine ?


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