The one who loved commitment


48420143_609944189475472_5065939540816953344_o16:07 . Of course I’m a man who loves commitment, I’m German ! (He laughs)
I met Felix on a mission to Israel/Palestine. Very chill guy working as a policy advisor at the European Parliament. He told me about his commitment to the EU: “Nothing in life is perfect. I mean, if it were – we would not need the EU. If we go beyond the official lines, the need to prevent Europeans from killing each other every thirty years or so, is the root cause of why the EU exists. EU countries have made a commitment to each other and they are trying to honor it. How could we achieve anything if we were busy fighting against ourselves ?”
and he also told me about his commitment to his loved one: “For me marriage means formalising the promise that ‘I’ll always be there for you and you’ll always be there for me’. The thing is – if you want to belong to someone, something, somewhere, you have to commit to it – and that is a conscious decision. Commitment is a choice.”
What a sincere, sweet message for a day about family; I thought.

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