The one who wanted more representation


18. 13 . Growing up, I had a difficult time identifying with someone who looked like me and who also did cool stuff. Well, apart from my mum. My mum encouraged me from a very early age to do as many things as I wanted and that fostered my creativity. I was writing all the time, playing tennis, I was also into music. Yet, the reality is that these are fields where you do not see many people of colour represented. Those people constitute a minority in those fields indeed, but hey, this is the chicken and eggs story : It is the chicken and eggs story – yes there are less people in these fields which may explain why they are underrepresented – but it is also because of this underrepresentation that people of colour lose the motivation to get into these fields!
But if you had more people of minority groups represented, this would change the dynamics because people from minorities could think – this is something that I can also achieve!
I do not like the word ‘positive discrimination’ but I am in for putting quotas. Whether that applies to women or people of minority groups. I am in peace with the fact that equality may not be something I see in my lifetime, but I want our future generations to live it.
No. I do not see this as taking away an opportunity from another. I see this as giving opportunities to people who have been struggling more than others have – let it be women, people of colour, people from the LGBTI community, and many others. The struggle that people from these groups can go through are under no circumstance comparable to the struggles that a white person, for example, may face.
Do I live racism on a daily basis? Casual racism most definitely. Like, when people ask me where I am “really from“ after I reply France. I am very proud of being a black woman. What I want is to present other black women or other people from minorities, with a positive representation.
So what we do through our podcast is – finding examples of success stories from women of colour, who have not necessarily made it to mainstream media.
We want to find women that do really cool stuff – maybe they own a wine bar, maybe they work in the media, maybe they work in politics, maybe they write books. We want to give them visibility so that others anywhere in Europe or the world, can relate to them. This is not something I had, when growing up.

Sarah works on promotional campaigns for the EU and also co-created, alongside Sara, a podcast about representation and allyship called Vocalaboutit.

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