The one who praised the law

1.Alberto Good Lobby

10:53 . I perceive law as an instrument for social justice and a pre-condition for the collective: for example, if a policy states that you can no longer use plastic bags, that in itself helps fight climate change and fosters a sustainable society. The question is: How do we make sure that the social contract is respected by all – and for all ?
Today the problem is that we see too many decisions being taken by a small group of people, sitting behind a desk and talking on behalf of a whole population. This is where the Good lobby comes in: our objective is to demistify and democratise lobbying, with the aim of welcoming anyone interested in being part of the conversation.

I often think of my daughters and the world they will grow up in. I want them to live in a world where their voice is heard.

(Alberto is the founder of the Good lobby – he is also an author and professor of E.U. law.)

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