The one who praised the law

1.Alberto Good Lobby

10:53 . Law and policy are tools to make peoples’ lives better – that is what I tell my students. I perceive law as an instrument for social justice and a pre-condition for the collective: for example, if a policy states that you can no longer use plastic bags, that in itself helps fight climate change and fosters a sustainable society.
The question is: How do we make sure that the social contract is respected by all – and for all ?
Today the problem is that we see too many decisions being taken by a small group of people, sitting behind a desk and talking on behalf of a whole population. This is not representative. Everyone in our society has something to say or something to give – it is simply about finding the right trigger for them.
This is where the Good lobby comes in: our objective is to demistify and democratise lobbying, with the aim of welcoming anyone interested in being part of the conversation, let it be the use of plastic bags, or lgbt rights.
It is about changing the language we use and project, so that citizens view participation and engagement as a hobby. We organise meetings all over Europe – only 10% of our meetings are actually in Brussels, the euro-capital.
We try to reach out to people by asking them : what do you care about ? what keeps you awake at night ?
In principle, the political process in place should allow every single vote, every single decision to be inclusive – so that when a decision is taken about a certain policy – everybody has ownership in it, so that the process is inclusive and transparent.
That is where the Good lobby comes in : it is about equalising the process that lead us to adopt a decision. Who is invited ? Anyone interested in being part of the conversation. There are mainly citizens : we help them get involved through the creation of citizens’ initiatives, online petitions. There are so many avenues available for citizens to help shape the process but since they are sometimes legally complex or not well known – we do not use them !

I consider myself an architect of policy making.

I often think of my daughters and the world they will grow up in. I want them to live in a world where their voice is heard.

Alberto is the founder of the Good lobby – he is also an author, professor of E.U. law and a political activist.


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