JUBEL – European democracy festival


22/09/2018 . 18 : 00 – Jubel – European democracy festival 1/5
– I am happy with how this day panned out and this moment for me is the epitome. It means the realisation of a lot of efforts and work. Now that the pressure has already been released a bit, that the day comes to its end, I feel more peaceful.
How did I get involved in this ? Well, I have been part of many pan-european organisations for a long time, but I always had the feeling that, despite all my motivation and efforts, the change I could bring could only be incremental – when Europe needs a big change.
Balint helped organise the first European democracy festival in Europe : the Jubel democracy festival.


22/09/2018 . Jubel : European democracy festival 2/5
16 :00 . Maria moderates a panel on transnational lists*. Maria is a policy advisor at the foundation for european progressive studies (FEPS). Maria told me that, even though she was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she has always felt European, having lived in Portugal, Germany and now Belgium. ‘Brussels is for me the place where I landed my dream job, working for millenials to be heard and where I met Abdelillah, my partner for life.’ Oh – and her nickname is Concha. Bubbly as she is.

*The idea of transnational lists has been part of the European debate since the 1990s. A transnational list is an electoral list that holds the entire territory of the European Union as its constituency, rather than a member state, hereby existing in parallel to the existing national constituencies.


22/09/2018 . Jubel : European democracy festival 3/5
16 :16 . Anna interrupts the debate for a point of information : ‘- Please note that I have not formed an opinion on the topic yet (transnational lists), probably because I do not know much about it ! Hey – half of the people I know here or back in Portugal don’t even know what the European Union means or does, so imagine bringing to these people the idea of transnational lists ? I am not sure. Maybe we should look at closing the gap between citizens and the E.U. first – before taking steps further. Let’s take it step by step.

17: 00 . A minute behind the scenes from the Jubel festival :


(Her) ‘What can I say ? I’m a europtimist’
(Him) (Enough said)

(Dr) Anja is a researcher in European Studies and a senior fellow at the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS). Diogo is a political advisor at the European Parliament.

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