The one who went knock, knockin


14:16 . I were never this person who knocked on doors, did networking and such, talked to people about my projects – but then I had to be this person. There was this call published by DG connect for the creation and the design of a one year masters module in arts and science – the kind of mix I am interested in! Anyway – I discovered this call quite late but with my collective, we came up with ideas and then went to knock on the doors of La Cambre, and me I knocked on the door of Ars Electronica – you don’t know Ars Electronica? It’s an organisation in Austria – they run a lab, they have a museum – and they are THE organisation for arts, science and technology.
I always thought it was very scary to talk to people in the industry – about my ideas, – even sending an e-mail to another organisation was scary and that is an e-mail, not even a face to face meeting! I was really scared pressing the button ‘send’ and then even more scared thinking: whoever reads this e-mail will probably laugh at me. When in fact, people were interested in my projects. At the end of the day – these are human beings reading the e-mail(s), also human beings behind closed doors. When you go to the big players, if you manage to create a connection, you realise that all of what seemed so scary should not be because you are dealing with human beings, just like you.
What made me become this person? I have to say that when I left Italy, I had very mixed feelings towards the creative industry in Europe – for me still too targeted at bigger organisations. But here in Brussels, I learned that if there is network, if there is communication between you and the other players – then there is a possibility of collaboration. This helps create synergies that were not possible before. I just had to gather up the courage and knock on those doors. Because I was afraid of losing this opportunity, I went out of my way and did what needed to be done, to be heard. The fear of losing such a unique chance in my life pushed me to do it, so yes, in this case being afraid was a good thing. Since Ars Electronica, I changed my attitude. I am not afraid of knockin’ on any door. At that moment I simply thought – alright, just get your shit together now and go for it.

Camilla works for the Pearle, the European sector federation of live performance organisations. She is also a producer and has co-founded an asbl with other engineers, creating and curating content.


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