The one who reinvented herself


16:01 . It’s not that I did not like my work at the European Commission; it simply was not meant for me. I had to wake up every morning at the same time, I had a fixed schedule and a supervisor checking my tasks and this has of course helped develop my sense of discipline, but I was probably not meant for that lifestyle. I reckon I was also fed up with the hierarchy, the importance of statutes, ranks and job levels, these things never truly mattered to me and this eventually led me to leave, not because I had a hard time per se – but because this world was not ‘me’.
As of today, there are phases where I go into a process of creation, other phases where I produce an end result based on this creative thinking, phases when I am working alone and others when I work with fellow artists – and this means that my relationship towards space and time is different.
I feel truly blessed for being able to reinvent myself. I always knew that my work experience for the E.U. would be temporary, that I was meant for something else. That being said, being able to work for the European Union was an incredible opportunity; many people would love that and I feel thankful that I did it. In retrospect I also realise how this experience, has allowed me to develop skills of not only discipline, but also a spirit of entrepreneurship and most importantly it has enabled me to be in touch with languages – my passion in life. Through Dance Divine, my music band, I am trying to create a new form of language. That’s what I consider important: being able to find one’s true passion – mine being the use of languages through a creative process.
I have not left the European project behind – on the contrary. I feel European, I went to European school, I learned various European languages but above all I believe that through my work and creations I am able highlight elements of truth about Europe and the world. I do not necessarily get political but I think of myself as someone who is committed to changing things for the better. There was always this element of revolt in me, this desire of changing things for the better – that is why I started working for the E.U. Nowadays I contribute to the project differently, with my music, the use of languages, the exchange of ideas and interconnectedness with fellow Europeans – artists or others. This is also what the European Union is about – isn’t it?

Diana has worked at the translation department of the European Commission. She then left in order to become a full-time singer, artist and performer based in Brussels.

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