The one by the metro station


(Frank) – The one by the metro station –

09:00 . I was by the metro station once, with my bicycle and then I saw a man, not too far from me get completely run over by a truck. Afterwards I felt grateful in a way, because it was the first time in my life that I saw someone die, when I knew that in my family history it was normal for my ancestors to be involved in wars, in military conflicts and thus to witness people dying. I had never had this experience and I was grateful that this was the first time I had seen someone die. Thanks to the European Union, I was lucky enough to never witness the war. I am sad that we cannot transmit to the other generations – the reasons why the European Union is wonderful. That is why I am writing about all the reasons why I am in love with the European Union.
09:30 – I was by the metro station once, with my bicycle, when I suddenly heard an explosion* and I started seeing chaos: people injured coming out of the station and blood everywhere. At that moment, instead of going inside and helping people, I took my bicycle and went away. Because I thought – those who are dead are dead, those who are injured will get help – That is what I thought at that moment. I did not stay to help and I regret it. I feel guilty. I am not proud of it. I went away to save myself. Every time I pass by the metro station now I promise myself that if ever in another situation like this (let’s hope there is none), I will go inside and help. I guess at that point I left people in need behind and that was in dissonance with the kind of person that I am or at least that I think I am. I have been in other situations where I helped people. I am not angry at myself, because I never get angry at people for making mistakes. People make mistakes all the time. But I should have gone in there and helped.

Frank was a member of the European Parliament and now works on a book that will detail reasons to love the European Union. He also told me that he ‘wanted to change the world and figured it would be difficult to do it alone’ so he entered politics.

*He is referring to the suicide bombing (coordinated with other bombings in the country) – that happened at the Maelbeek metro station in Brussels, Belgium, on 22 March 2016.

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