The one who believed in Good


16 :45 . I come from a good place – I mean a happy place, in a spiritual kind of way. I do not believe in any specific religion but do believe in spirituality, meaning energies. If there is a God it is here (with a hand gesture she shows her heart). We were free spirited in my family. I come from this village called Västra Karup, which is famous because it is also where Birgit Nilsson comes from. You don’t know her ? One of the greatest opera singers in the world. People there were kind, they were pacifist. In my family too : we are very bad at picking fights and we don’t like them ! I still get into conflicts of course even though I believe people are good – because I also believe I am always right! (she laughs)

2.2. Susanne story.JPG

I am very happy with everything that I’ve done. I have met some personalities ; it’s something ! But it’s not like I admire them or idealise them. I just respect them very much. I wish I had met Nelson Mandela for example – hey, everybody does ! He had this aura of greatness around him. I met Kofi Annan once, who had an incredible aura around him as well ! This peacefulness, calmness. I would never think that people are ‘better’ because they have done certain things and some people in politics tend to think that ! Some have alterior motives as well ; I am aware of that. I am just really bad at seeing them ! The ones I truly admire are those who seem – to me at least – like they are good people.
Evil does exist in the world. People do evil things. I just don’t think people are evil.

Susanne works at the accreditation service of the European Parliament and has previously worked as an usher for different presidencies of the institution.

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