The one with the analogy


19 : 57 . The layers are what I find fascinating about heavy metal. I never listen to a song for the first time and think ‘oh yeah, that is catchy !’ but after listening to it a second time or many times after, I start to pick up on the various elements that I love, like the drum beat but it could be anything. With heavy metal, the more you listen to a song the more layers you find in it, because one band can have two guitarists, sometimes three, sometimes two drummers and this means that the melodies produced can sound so harsh when put all together. But when you take these different melodies or elements and are able to look at them like layers – then it all works out. It is mind blowing, because then it feels like if you changed one single thing in the song or if you took away one single layer, the whole would not make sense anymore. It is laborious to listen to heavy metal, but it is a good kind of labour, an effort I am ready to put in. Nothing worth having comes easy and I find this to be true when reading books about deep politics or deep philosophy. I do read about political theory for leisure. I read books about policy making in the UK, about policy making in general, about capitalism, about climate change and I read a lot about gender !
It is not easy – it is stimulating, challenging, reading about these things but there are bits where it becomes so deep that your mind goes ‘I have a headache !’
It is hard to understand such concepts, but I like the challenge and I like taking the time to think about things, re-evaluate their layers. I draw the analogy with heavy metal because when you put in the work to try understand it – you do get pleasure out of it. At first it just sounds like noise, it seems like people shouting and smashing sounds at each other. But when you take the time to actually listen, when you put in the work to get it, you pick up on the different components and elements. You pick up on all the layers and you then realise it is so much more complicated than you thought.

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