The one who saw no difference


– The one who saw no difference –

18 :00. I started Syrians Got Talent in order to show that refugees are people like the rest of us. Every month, we organize concerts with these refugees and I reckon this steady pace of work is a way for them to see that they will not have it ‘easy’ in Europe – that they will have to work hard, just like everybody. This is what Europe is about, a Europe that values diversity but also equality between its citizens, in their rights as well as in their duties. As a Franco Egyptian myself, what interests me is to bring people together : I see myself as a bridge between two worlds that need more than ever to be together. Of course love exists between Arabs and Europeans ! I am a living proof of it, aren’t I ? If my parents did not love each other, I would never have been born ! (He smiles and I, too)
To be frank I barely see a difference between my egyptian muslim family and my french catholic family. There are family members that I find lovely, some that I find helpful, some that I get along with quite well and others less so. They are the same. I mean, we are all the same. This is how I view the world – and the fact that I come from a mixed background probably strengthens this view. This is also a goal of Syrians Got Talent : to show, through music that we are all the same. That no matter where we come from we are all human beings capable of great things. This in turns also shows Europeans that they are lucky to welcome these refugees. By the way, coexistence and friendship between the Arab world and the European world has always existe; people simply seem to have forgotten about this piece of history. In history and particularly in a moment of identity crisis within a set period of history, there is always a scapegoat – the world needs it. Today muslims are the world’s scapegoat, decades ago it was the case for other groups of individuals. Eventually people learn to coexist. They have to.

Schams was until recently the foreign affairs adviser of a member of the European Parliament in Brussels and now aspires to be a politician. He is also the founder of Syrians Got Talent, a band of refugees playing music together.

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