The one with the good, the bad and the ugly

Julian14:45 . ‘There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about’.* When I first arrived in Brussels I was invited to this party and someone asked me: ‘Hey, I have heard about you already – that you were married and that you were Jewish!’ to which I answered, well, a little bit of both. But to be honest I thought: the rest is none of your business! Nothing in life is inconsequential, and this is like a thread that runs through everything, for the good, the bad and the ugly. This is why I love this book, because it redefines the notion of consequence. He (Dorian) was resigned to the fact that his actions would come back to haunt him. And they did have repercussions, fatal ones. I will never believe in coincidence but I do believe in consequence. So, my marriage did not work out – this was a consequence of our behaviour in the relationship. Me being here is a consequence of me giving up my life in London. Me doing things a certain way now is a consequence of me doing things another way in the past. Life is all a series of consequences. The good thing is that as a consequence of these changes in my life, I have cumulated years and years of experience getting to know what people are like, what they are looking for, both personally and professionally – this is even my job! It was not easy at first, living with the consequences of actions that ‘failed’, or leaving my life behind; but now I am happy. The consequence of my decisions, which seemed like sacrifices at the time, is that I now have the life I want. And as a consequence of this – not by coincidence – I am the person that I want to be.

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