The one who was busy with Europe


(Oh, here is another photograph of another photographer – except this time I did not manage to conduct an interview. This is Wolfgang, he is a German photographer and visual artist, whose work is driven by aesthetic and political interests, tackling themes from gender equality to European issues. I met him during a Eurolab that took place in Amsterdam over four days, when Wolfgang, alongside other beautiful minds, tried to find ways, projects and ideas that would contribute to re-defining and re-thinking the European Union. Which is why, although the only words I got from him were : ‘Of course you can take a photo but only if it takes you less than a minute’ and afterwards ‘Sounds, I like this photo a lot’, I did not take it personally and decided to post his photo anyway. He was busy devoting his time to something he considers bigger than me, than himself and than any break worth having: Europe)


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