The one who cared about your opinion


– The one who cared about your opinion –

15:31 . I read all of your comments and respond to every single one of them; the same goes for the rest of our social media team. We do that because we genuinely care about what you write and we care about your opinion. So, even though I sometimes find the comments harsh, I try to respond to them with as much authenticity as possible. How harsh are people’s comments? Well, there is just always a questioning and doubting about things, not only about our work as a political group, but also about how we present it. I do not believe such comments ever come from a place of hate: when I read them, I can really feel the frustration of people, not at the European Union but rather at their own situation of misery, at their own feeling of helplessness. People are calling for help; they may say it in a rude way but they are not trying to provoke us, they simply want to be heard. And this is what I love about my role : being able to respond to people, being able to show other individuals that behind our screens we are also a group of individuals, trying to understand how they feel – that their fight is our fight. I will always refuse to delete peoples’ comments or to censor them. Overall, I feel communicating with people through social media is a wonderful way of living through what they feel – through what you feel* – let it be questions, anger, or on a more positive tone to feel and spread all of the love for the European Union. My role is trying to make you understand Europe and in parallel trying to understand where you come from – by reading what you have to say and engaging with it. We are trying to understand each other. Communication is all about that.

Nicolas is a social media coordinator at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. He is from Belgium.

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