Nelson Mandela centenary celebrations in the EU: story 1 – the concert

On the occasion of the centennial celebrations of Nelson Mandela’s legacy (taking place this year), the South African Miagi youth orchestra performed a wonderful concert at the European Parliament, in Brussels.
Here are a few, somewhat concise visual stories of humans of the E.U. involved in this event. Nelson Mandela happens to be the first laureate of the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of thought, a prize established in 1988 and awarded to individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to the fight for human rights across the globe.

Nelson Mandela remembrance concert : The Miagi orchestra
13:30. ‘We invest in human capacity through music. Human capacity is the only way to functioning, healthy and sustainable societies.’ – this is the opening of the orchestra’s online site. That day, these young musicians were also humans of the EU – through their music, their joy, their authenticity (and talent), they managed to bring a breeze of freedom, fresh air and even dancing moods inside the European Parliament. They honoured Madiba. On the background is a photograph of Nelson Mandela.


From left to right we have : Udo, a German politician who happens to work on topics such as economy and employment – and also happens to be the president of the socialists&democrats group at the European Parliament – Boris, who happens to be my boss (remember, the Slovak philosopher whom I interviewed some time ago) and who also happens to be the vice president of the delegation for relations with South Africa and finally Ciprian, a Romanian colleague who happens to be a political adviser on foreign affairs.
But what I want to highlight about this photo is : How amazing are their ties !? (yes pun intended)


Rose is a political adviser on Africa policy initiatives at the European Parliament. She is from Nigeria.


13:59 . Baso is the ambassador of South Africa to the European Union. (and yet another human of the EU wearing an amazing tie !)


14:02. Sarah and the lotus flower. Remember? My colleague – the one who mentioned Buddha and the importance of inner peace in her story.


14:10. Zoltan is head of unit at the European Parliament, for the socialists&democrats group. He is from Hungary.
Oh – he also happens to be one of the most chill people I have met at work. Always smiling whenever I see him! This photo is pretty self explanatory.


14:30 . Lydia and Rose after the concert – If I had to describe this photo I would say: how beautiful it is to see the smiles and satisfaction and success achieved through the joint efforts of wonder women (and men)(and *however you want to define yourself*)



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