Europe on trial : the curator (story 3/3)

2. LaraEurope on trial : story 3/3 – the one who curated the trial (and) the one who thought art and politics were intertwined.

18:50 . I think the break started from the moment art strived for its autonomy, because this meant a sort of detachment from society. But art has always been present in our lives, since childhood even when we were taught to sing songs. We simply forget about this in our consciousness. All domains of our life are intertwined.

Lara is a curator, program maker, writer and researcher. Her work is based on the desire to create alliances between the art world and other domains such as politics, academia and journalism based on shared urgencies.

– There is sometimes this feeling or false view that artists are people holding hands and protesting against the government, or being lazy people with idle lives, only working for the sake of their own audience. That simply is not true. In a sense art fills a gap of authenticity that can be present in certain domains. Art does so, not necessarily by being political but by asking real questions : where do we stand ? where do we bear responsibility ? how are we behaving as citizens and humans? – Art creates this space where we ask ourselves, about our own self.
– Curating Europe on trial was a great experience overall. Thing is, as a curator, I was not really in the moment when the trial happened, because I was so busy thinking about other things. So, I have a question that I’m asking myself now – how can I be more present in the moment ? Not as an architect or a producer or organizer, but as someone who is actually always busy thinking about these thematics – as a citizen who cares about them. By the way, I have not slept a lot in the past week so my words in a few days may be different.

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