Europe on trial: the plaintiff (story 1/3)


(Europe on trial is a fictional tribunal presented in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on the 2nd of June 2018, with the aim of examining the EU’s response to the ongoing refugee crisis.)

Yoonis is is a Somalian Dutch human rights activist, who had been in The Netherlands for thirteen years without a legal status until last year.

– I am here to speak not only on my behalf, but also on behalf of the refugees here in the EU : those who were brave enough to take that boat, those who did not commit any crime, their only crime being : to exist.
I want to talk about the EU and its asylum policy, or dare I say, its violation of some fundamental human rights ?
We are in a context that owes its richness to the colonisation of Southern countries
And now – it is the South that pays the consequences
Why reject Muslim refugees, as if Islam had not been part of Europe for a while ?
Happy Ramadan, by the way (The crowd laughs)

Here is a fact for you : the EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012.
And doesn’t state the necessity to promote peace ?
So, what I accuse the Europan Union of : is of not acting as a Union – lacking a collective asylum policy. holding people captive in Greece and leaving its most economically vulnerable states with the responsibility of dealing with the refugee crisis.

I accuse the EU of seeing people as numbers.

Trust me, these people had no other choice than to leave their home.

Nobody wants to leave their home.
Nobody choses to be a refugee.

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