The one who avoided dry topics


10 :25 . ‘Oh look there is a European flag over here – I bet you want me to hold it symbolically, don’t you ?’

Timo works an assistant editor at De Balie, a cultural center in Amsterdam. (Although I did not get to interview him properly, due to a lack of time and that he was running around working enthusiastically throughout the whole forum, I reckon the picture illustrates him quite well, his energy, his love for the E.U. – look, I even coloured the European flag that he is holding – symbolically)

– I read European studies at UCL, in London. I loved it! Initially I had started my studies with economics and halfway through I realised – wow, this topic is way too ‘dry’ for me. I can’t continue. I find politics on the other hand amazing. But I also love doing cultural things. Since I wanted to work in a cultural field let’s say, I ended up working here. I just really like it here because it brings all the layers together, it combines layers of knowledge in our society and different perspectives on things. Also, it’s really chilled and people are so much fun. Of course I like politics, this forum is about the future of the European Union. I like talking about politics – but I don’t want to talk about it all the time. It can become such a dry topic after a while.Timo FLAG

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