The one who put safety first

– The one who put safety first –

18:35 . When I think about driving the first word that comes to my mind is safety. I trained in defensive driving, meaning I acquired skills to drive safely and pay attention to my surroundings, in order to keep people in my car safe. (He pauses) Miss, are you comfortably seated? Look, you can move the seat a little bit if you push that button. Are you okay now?

Karim has been working as a driver for members of the European Parliament for almost two years. When asked where he was from, he replied : ‘I am 100% French and unfortunately the only Parisian in the team’

– For me driving is about having self-control and control of the vehicle. I love everything about driving, the activity itself, the fact of being on the road and exploring, but what always intrigued me in life was the field of security, exactly because I reckon we live in a world filled with dangers, dangers that are also present on the road. Defensive driving, or safe driving, means driving whilst paying attention to the possible dangers around you, such as potential hazards, bad drivers, or in the worst case scenario – attacks. Unfortunately, attacks are possible given the current security context. Hey, we are dealing with high-level people here (members of the European Parliament) and putting their safety first is also my job!
I must be prepared for the unexpected and above all avoid distractions – all of this whilst talking to them when they are in the mood to socialize a little. In fact, I find them pretty 3.Karimagreeable – to be fair I often do most of the talking.

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