The one who read the Little Prince (Part I)

4. Martina 1 - the one who read the little prince.jpg11:54 . The reason why I love The Little Prince is that I see this book as a story about motivation, drive and … love. This little man is traveling the universe and Earth, whilst learning about the most basic human lessons in life, only driven by his own will.

Martina is a Czech member of the European Parliament, working mostly on youth. She also founded the WhyNot project (PročByNe? in Czech), offering traineeships to young people across Europe.

– This reminds me of my personal story. Since I was a teenager, my motto is to rely on my own motivation. I truly believe that you can achieve anything in life if you really want to, even in your career goals. That is why I started the Why not project as it focusses on getting traineeships for young people all over Europe.
Look : we made this catalogue for the project and you can see some of the candidates! and you can also read about their experiences and feedback! What I find important is to select candidates through their motivation, and not what is listed on their CV, because to me genuine personal drive is the most important thing to succeed in life. We had this young man, no ‘prestigious diploma’ or anything but he was so motivated to take part in the project that he took the train for the first time in his life from Eastern Moravia – and came to join the programme. Can you believe that? We selected him to intern for one of the best hairdressers in the Czech Republic. By being the most motivated, he was the best for this opportunity. Oh, by the way, we are starting Why Not + for people over 55 – because not only young people are a vulnerable group. People at a certain age should be able to find motivation again, which is why we’d like to offer them traineeships to learn about digital skills or artificial intelligence for example. Everyone should be able to succeed in life, at any age. I was eighteen when I moved to Italy, alone, as a young Czech woman in a different country – when the Czech Republic was not even part of the EU yet! And it was motivation that pushed me forward.


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