The one who admired Thatcher

1.Alberto18 : 28 . I think Margaret Thatcher did an incredible job; she had the courage to do things that seemed horrible at the time, but at the end of the day she loved her country. If I met her in another life, I would probably ask her out on a date. (He laughs)

Alberto is a policy adviser on energy and culture for the European conservatives and reformists.

– What Margaret Thatcher understood is that in our society, there are spontaneous mechanisms that order themselves, so the state does not have to intervene for the sake of the people. Thatcher made a lot of difficult choices and people paid the hard price for those, that is incontestable. For example, she figured that coal mines in the United Kingdom were maintained because the trade unionists had fought for them to remain open, but that these mines were actually not economically viable; so, she shut them down and people lost their jobs as a result. But the fact is that on the long term, people need to live in an economy based on ‘real’ demand. Those mines should not have been nationalised in the first place. The state should not own enterprises, because the prime mission of the state is to offer services for which there is no economic demand.
Also, my philosophy is that in life, you only learn about what you like doing by trying as many things as you can ; and when you figure out one thing that you like doing, you keep on doing it. But for that to happen, what you need is for the state to give you as much freedom as possible, to try as many things as you can – if anything your choices should not be limited but rather expanded. We can all agree that everyone should have an education, a roof, enough money to buy clothes and other necessities. But we need to live in a society where we feel free, and I don’t feel free if the state intervenes in my affairs ! I believe in freedom. I would have joined the liberals but they advocate for ‘more Europe’ – not me.


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