The one who connected politics to people

2. Francesco - the one who loved politics– The one who connected politics to people –

(Anecdote:I met Francesco when he was deputy head of cabinet of former Socialists&Democrats president, and then again coincidentally when I visited a flat in Brussels, which he was subletting. During the flat visit, we chatted and learned about each other’s personal backgrounds and within this more ‘relaxed’, personal setting, something cute happened – I figured that behind the ‘serious guy in a suit’ resides a laid back, funny and convivial human being. It may sound obvious but (especially?) when meeting people through the working environment, it is not always easy to burst into their personas, which can be a shame. Because beyond our status or the image we can project, deep down we are all similar – human. This is also what Humans of the EU is about : illustrating how every person dedicated to the EU is a human, with feelings, thoughts, hopes, aspirations and doubts like any other.)

16 : 49 . There is no human with the right answers and there is no simple answer to changing the world. Let’s start by acknowledging that we are all people and that politics should aim to better our lives. This for me is what politics is about : about people.

Francesco works for the Socialists&Democrats group, in close cooperation with the communications unit and the unit for political planning ahead of the 2019 elections.

– When I was growing up in Italy, first as a child and then as a teenager, I remember meeting these ‘typical’ old left wing people – and I really liked their approach – even though I was young, they came to talk to me and were genuinely interested in my opinion. They were even sharing personal stories with me, about their life and about the resistance (in Italy) in the 1950s. So, my first encounter with politicians was through these people, and they were very human – they made me realise that politics are first of all about humans!
Eventually I started reading about politics, socialism and democracy in particular, I studied politics and I became a bit ‘obsessed’ with it. I love politics. I read about politics all the time and I watch political news whenever I can. I travelled to France recently and there I was watching LCP (La Chaine Parlementaire) – have you checked it out ? You should!
By the way, the most effective way to persuade people is leading them by example – you have to be the kind of person that you are ‘telling other people to be’. Know your values and put them into practices. Doing politics means starting from these questions – why are people unhappy ? What do people need to feel they are an integrated part of society ? How can we make our world a better place?
I do not like this trend we find nowadays – of politicians pretending to be perfect or to be leaders like no other : politicians are human beings and they also make mistakes. Perhaps if they acknowledged their limits more often, if they aknowledged that they are human with doubts and insecurities, then other humans could relate to them more often as well. We are all in this together.


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