The one who was fighting climate change

4. Sebastian (Climate change)

19 : 00 . If we don’t make ‘real’ changes now, our children will have to live in a very different planet than this one – and that won’t be a pleasant planet to live in.

Sebastian is the EU policy advisor on climate and energy at Greenpeace in Brussels.

Climate change is central to our generation’s fight against a broken system – a corporatist system that does not respect the planetary boundaries! That is what drives me to work on this issue: I think it still is possible to change the system and that government regulation is the best way to do so.
What people must understand is that the solutions to climate change often also induce solutions to other topical issues including economic issues, social issues, human rights. Look at renewable energies: they have been used to reduce poverty in Africa, where people who do not have electricity grids can now using solar power to have energy. Also, if we managed to have a different way of exploiting energy, by phasing out from oil, gas and nuclear, the human rights situation would improve in many countries, since the use of oil and gas is often the driver of bad human rights policies and diplomatic conflicts. So in fact: the response to climate change helps makes our world better already; it has a direct impact on our lives as of now. Some politicians and corporations simply do not want to see it.
Fortunately, Europe may be the continent most aware of climate change and is ready to act upon it. I simply think Europe could do more because it has the potential to be a leader in fighting climate change. Climate change isn’t yet on the priority list of things, but it should be.


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