The one who was a yogi

Preslav yogi

08:00 . You know how in music, the pause or a well orchestrated silence can be the most powerful element ? How it can allow you to enjoy the music itself even more ? Yoga does the same for me: it is this ‘pause’ that allows me to enjoy life overall, because it teaches me how to feel the present moment .

Preslav works as an officer at the Directorate General of finance within the European Parliament – a DG that helps members of the institution manage their budget.

Before I started doing yoga – about three years ago, I would wake up in the morning and instantly start reading the news, start reading my e-mails – I did not take time to simply relax and start the day on a mindful note, beginning instead with the ‘stressful’ things.
I know that in our field (European affairs), it is important to keep up to date with the news and be on alert, but it is as important to take time for oneself and take a break from time to time. I personally find this relaxation in doing yoga.
Yoga has even helped me get better at my job as it has taught me some techniques that I apply when I struggle with a task, taking for example a few minutes to concentrate on my breathing, or re-focus my energy. We need busy times in life but we also need pauses ; the pauses make the times when you are busy even more fulfilling. I consider yoga ‘hygiene for the mind’.

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