You know how in music, the pause or a well orchestrated silence can be the most powerful element ? How hearing this break can allow you to enjoy the whole piece of music even more ? Well, yoga does the same for me: it is this ‘pause’ that allows me to enjoy life overall, because it teaches me how to feel the present moment .

Before I started doing yoga – about three years ago – I would wake up in the morning and instantly start reading the news, start reading my e-mails – not even taking the time to relax, whereas now, at my job or in my personal life, I at least have some techniques that I apply when I struggle with something, taking for example a few minutes to concentrate on my breathing, re-focus my energy, not react on the impulse.

We need busy times in life but we also need the pauses ; they make the busy times even more fulfilling. 

(Preslav works as a financial officer at the Directorate-General of finance, at the European Parliament – a DG that helps members of the institution manage their budget.)