(EU open day #2) The ones who debated human nature


(Olivier) What is sad is that people do not ‘wake up’ until something bad happens to them – until they are triggered by something negative. They react to fear and act upon fear.
(Catherine) And you would think that human beings could think ahead – being the most advanced species – but no. My husband is a zoologist and I have come to understand that evolution does not happen until a change of circumstances does.
(Olivier) Yes – a bad change of circumstances.
(Catherine) Nonetheless, change is needed for growth. The issue is that it takes us time to accept this reality and to process things.
(Olivier) And when we don’t manage to process things– we react with negative emotions. And we carry these negative emotions and project them onto others.
I always say that people should take longer to reply, be wary of getting into unnecessary arguments, be more mindful of others. But human nature is always driven by feelings.

Olivier and Catherine both work at the European Parliament. Olivier works for the social media team of the liberals group and Catherine is the only liberal democrat member of the institution ; she is also a quaestor*.
*Quaestors are responsible for administrative and financial matters of direct concern to Members of the European Parliament. Quaestors hold their offices for two and a half years, the same term as the President and Vice-Presidents.


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