The one who attended the Czarny protest

OLA -Black protest




15:43. Whether a woman decides or not to have an abortion is her choice; nobody has the right to judge her for it. How do people even feel entitled to use religion or morals or ‘whatever they want to call it’, as an excuse to interfere with a woman’s decisions? The only person, who has a right to decide what to do with a woman’s body, is that woman herself.

Aleksandra, nicknamed Ola by her family and friends, is the coordinator of the Polish social democrat delegation at theEuropean Parliament. (On this photo she is talking me through her experience at the Black Friday protest, which gathered around 55,000 people in Warsaw, Poland, with the aim of demonstrating against the Polish government proposal to restrict access to abortion. The proposal in question would ban abortions of foetuses with congenital disorders, representing more than 90% of legal abortions.)

– So on the 23d of March, we had to go out in the streets and protest yet again*: there were Polish people, but also people from other countries, there were women of all backgrounds, even men came! You see the gender balance on this picture? (on the computer’s screen). This for me is the proof that anyone can be a feminist and fight for women’s rights.
The protest itself was such an empowering experience. Not because of why we were protesting, but because of the fact that we were protesting all together, we were helping each other. Demonstrations can be aggressive but here I felt a sense of community; it was truly touching.

(About having an abortion) I have not been in this situation myself so it is not my personal case. But as a woman, I do feel that I am part of this struggle: I may be in this position someday; I have sisters, friends; any woman I know could be in this position someday. That is why the fight for women’s rights must continue.
I want to live in a world where women feel free to act as they wish – and where they feel safe doing so.


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