The one who wanted to grow







13:39 . I’m very much an introvert: I like to be alone a lot as it helps me recharge my batteries and think about matters carefully. The problem is that I sometimes commit to plans and then my ‘alone mood’ sets in, so I cancel. Apparently some people call that being ‘flaky’.

Natali is the policy adviser of a Swedish member of the European Parliament and works on animal health, animal welfare as well as environment and energy topics.

– It is important to be self-aware in our work and I personally gain this self-awareness through the time I spend alone.
Generally it is not the workflow that affects my mood, but the overall setting of things : I may not be a politician but I work for one and hence live through the same frustration as he does.
Believe me, I get very frustrated during committee weeks*! (She laughs)
But I do like frustration, otherwise I would do something completely different with my life – and if I did something different I would be bored. You have to have frustration in order to have success ; frustration helps you gain a new perspective on things; it helps you grow. In this sense negative thinking, frustration, are excellent because they make you realise what needs to be protected and how differently you should do or not do things.
I don’t think human beings are made for being happy all the time. And I say that being a lover of humankind. This is also why I am a liberal. It is true that we (the liberals) are very market oriented, but it is because we want people to act from bottom up, not the state to do it for them. Basically I believe in human power and I genuinely think that people would be able to organise themselves even if the state did not intervene so much for them. Don’t you think?

* Committee weeks are weeks of the European Parliament’s calendar dedicated to parliamentary committees, dealing with policy areas from foreign affairs to economy, equality, education and culture. MEPs then discuss draft legislation, consider Commission and Council proposals and draw up reports to be presented to the plenary.


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