The one who was a storyteller


14:23 . I am a storyteller by nature. Most Irish people are; it is very inherent to our culture. Storytelling helps me make sense of things and I even find it useful in my job. I’ve noticed that people are generally more responsive to stories than they are to technical facts, because as humans, we are emotional creatures and we tend to gravitate towards things that have feelings and emotions. Otherwise, the world would be a completely different place.

Lisa works as a communication officer at the End FGM European network (End Female Genital Mutilation). She is also a creative writer and a visual storyteller.

– In simple fashion, I tell the story of the network : I combine my creativity, that being the use of visuals, interviews and the media of storytelling, with a more structured outline of what we do in terms of ending female genital mutilation.
Female genital mutilation is a case of culture crossing over into causing harm to a child : it is a violation of bodily autonomy and therefore a violation of human rights. So, my job is to take the jargon of this ‘heavy’ issue and translate it into something that is inclusive, something that everybody can understand. Because everybody needs to understand what is going on. One of my dislikes within the (EU) bubble is how we technicalise everything – but people out there do not always understand the jargon we use.

– When I write on my own, even when I write on ‘heavy’ subjects, I generally write with a lot of humour. I strongly believe that if you are able to talk about scary and daunting subjects with a twist of humour, you can invite more people into the conversation. Again it is about stimulating an inclusive dialogue with people. Writing is also about listening to what the people who read you have to say.


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