I, Soundous, moved to Brussels two years ago in order to find work for the European Union. ‘Classic’ story in the European capital. Born and raised in Morocco, country which I love dearly – I still decided to leave after high school in order to pursue my studies in the United Kingdom and during that time I also travelled to various European countries. Then, after having lived in Europe for more than six years, I started thinking a lot about notions of identity and even subtly re-defining my own; I started to feel very European (even being a non-EU citizen). And – since having started work for the E.U., I realised that a considerable part of me believing in Europe, was seeing how the humans working towards the European project believed in it; how they left their home countries to come live here and work towards something bigger than themselves. In and around this European capital, these people are working with all their core to build a better Europe, to build a future together. Isn’t that beautiful? With their happy and not so happy days, with highs and lows – they believe in this idea(l) that is the European Union. The EU would not be, without these people. This photoblog is about all of these people, about their stories, about who they are and also about how the EU project contributes (albeit a bit) in shaping part of who they are.

This photoblog stems from a place of love. Because the European Union after all stems from a place of love.

Since I am a writer and I happen to like taking photos – on the side of actually working on foreign affairs at the European Parliament – then starting this project was a way for me to combine doing the things that I love doing : learning more about human beings, trying to portray their emotions and thoughts through written words – and illustrating how the European Union is above all a project made for humans, by humans.

So, whilst on this space I write real stories about real people, I also like to write creatively – realistic fiction, unedited poems, semiphilosophical pieces – which can be found on my personal space ‘sounds of Soundous’ – a space where writing is for me the end in itself.

As images speak as loud as words – below a short video made by BRUZZ TV explaining a bit about :
My love for the EU, my love for doing this project, a bit about myself and my background and me drifting away with existential thoughts and laughing at my own jokes.



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