The one who compromised


12:40 . “I am the elder of five brothers and sisters, so trust me: I know all about compromise.”

Noemi works for an association of European companies dealing with engine emissions control.

“The notion of compromise is something I studied at university – through my thesis I did a comparison between lobbying and diplomacy, basically looking at their strategies. 
My general outcome was that both strategies are very similar, especially in that they both work towards finding a compromise: when you are a diplomat you have to find a compromise with different countries and when you are a lobbyist you have to find a compromise with different stakeholders. When it comes to diplomacy, I believe a diplomat should be able to defend national interests whilst aligning them with others’. All national interests are mutually beneficial because we live in such a globalized world.
When it comes to lobbying – well, I am testing the outcomes of my research right now! (She laughs) – I work for a lobby that deals with vehicles’ emissions control : we are trying to have cleaner cars for the future. Since it seems we cannot live in this world without cars, we must find sustainable ways to drive. The reality is that we cannot drastically change things or revert them – but we can compromise.

– I don’t know if I would prefer being a diplomat or being a lobbyist. I always thought diplomacy was my dream job, but I also may be too dreamy for it. I wonder about things quite often, I always re-question matters, people, opinions. I question everything.
I get jealous of people who don’t always question things. How do they do it?”

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