(IWD #7) The one who believed in fairness

Rosa (ALDE APA).jpg

* International Women’s day series 7/8 *

13:00 . ‘’ I cycle everyday. And if someday it accidentally happens that I don’t, I feel like something is missing, I feel low on energy. Cycling allows me to be healthy, be way faster and discover new places. It’s a really calming activity as well. It is my therapy.
That is why my friends call me the « Dutchie on the bike » ‘’

Rosa works for a Dutch member of the European Parliament and focusses on the transition to clean energy.

‘’ – Politics is everywhere. Sometimes within families even. But the scale upon which politics happen is different. The European Parliament can be a very challenging environment because people are always focussing on their interests, those of their MEPs, or those of the groups they are representing.
I love learning about politics in practice. I remember that during my interview , they asked me if I actually had political aspirations. To that I said – I would like to find out.
For people from the outside, it is really difficult to grasp what the European bubble is about – but in their defence, they are busy with their own lives, they feel detached, and inversely some of us can feel detached. This is something I want to add – Bridging people from different worlds. Help people from the outside experience what the Euro bubble is and introducing people from within to the real Brussels. I am working on a project that could facilitate these encounters. ‘’

‘’ – I consider myself a pragmatic idealist. I believe in fairness. But I also believe we should be realistic on what is possibly doable given the circumstances.
You know, I come from a family of anthropologists – So the question of who people are, why they behave the way they behave – has always been an interesting question for me.
We need to make sure that the relations between people remain positive. ‘’



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