(IWD #6) The one who was not like Buddha but loved him.


* International Women’s day series 6/8 *

16: 00 . “I want to do it all, I want to be good at my job and enjoy my time going out. I want to see my friends and I also want new challenges. I am always on the move – and yes I can get overwhelmed. Too many expectations from life can be our enemy. I still get stressed of course, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I am some kind of Buddha.”
(She laughs)

Sarah has been an accredited parliamentary assistant at the European Parliament for over four years.

“- My biggest and most influential adventure was when I travelled to Nepal a few years back for three months – I volunteered there and felt part of the living culture. I learned the importance of remaining down to earth. Of knowing how to appreciate the little things and calm yourself down when needed. After that, I felt like the most peaceful I had ever felt in my life. Coming back from there, well – I also realised that it is difficult trying to apply this mind-set to our everyday sometimes hectic life.

– I am aware of my privilege. We are lucky here, in Europe. In the European Union. We are lucky to live the way we do.
I loved working here, it has taught me so much, and it has helped me build my character even. I feel like it was a very big jump in my personal development.

– I think it is very important (especially in our work) to always remember this. To remember that every problem has a solution and that it is when you are your calmest self that you can find it. Nothing ever means the end of the world. The more you remember that the more confident you become. I do not think life throws anything at you that is not manageable.
Also, adventures like sports, vacations, spiritual trips for example, are our reward and are there to remind us of the beauty of life.
But life as a whole always goes on.”



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