(IWD #6) The one who preached calm


* International Women’s day series *

16: 00 . Few years back, I travelled to Nepal for about three months – I volunteered and lived there. I learned the importance of remaining down to earth, of knowing how to appreciate food, the little things and to create calm for yourself. Back then, I felt like the most peaceful I had ever felt in my life. But coming back here, to Europe, has plunged me back into a hectic life and it’s not always easy to apply this mind set. There are periods when I am always on the move and I can get overwhelmed. This is why I try to do adventures like sports, vacations, or spiritual.

I still get stressed, of course. It’s not like I am some kind of Buddha. (She laughs)


(Sarah is an accredited parliamentary assistant at the European Parliament for over four years.)

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