(IWD #5) The one who read her ‘vagina monologue’


International Women’s day series 5/8 *

21 :00. ‘I auditioned for the ‘Vagina Monologues’ because it is about women breaking taboos and being empowered together. For me this is a timeless classic.’

(Teodora works as a communication officer at Better Internet for kids and helped organise the SaferInternet4EU campaign on behalf of the European Commission.*)

‘ When I heard the play was being organised in Brussels, I jumped at the opportunity. The play is at times funny, sometimes it triggers you and always it is thought provoking.

Feminism has always been important to me, especially having grown up in a relatively conservative place of the world at the time – I come from Transylvania. I’m feeling optimistic about things there, almost as optimistic as I feel about things here. The young generation cares for equality between men and women. But it takes time to change mentalities, and the way some people see things. We will get there.’


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