(IWD #5) The one who read a ‘Vagina Monologue’


International Women’s day series 5/8 *

21 :00. “I auditioned for the Vagina Monologues because it is about women breaking taboos and being empowered together. It is at times funny, triggering and thought provoking. For me this is a timeless classic.”

Teodora works as a communication officer at Better Internet for kids and helped organise the SaferInternet4EU campaign on behalf of the European Commission.*

“ – I come from Transylvania. Feminism has always been important to me, especially having grown up in a relatively conservative country at the time. That is why I jumped at the opportunity of being in this play. I also take part in various feminist events and workshops here in Brussels.
Here in Belgium I met someone who took paternity leave and my first thought was – wow, how empowering and refreshing! And then I realized that in the truly equal Europe I would like to live in this would be the norm rather than an exception. It should be normal that men and women share tasks and responsibilities in the household.
– especially when it comes to child rearing.

– I’m feeling optimistic, however, because despite a recent surge of ulta-conservative forces trying to counter the achievements of feminist movements in past decades I think the more time passes, the more gender equality there is – especially among young generations.
But it takes time- it takes time to change mentalities, to change the way people see things. We will get there. “

#SaferInternet4EU and#SaferInternetDaycampaigns, aim to promote a safe and responsible use of modern technology and the internet among kids and young people



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