(IWD #4) The one who believed in gender equality





* International Women’s day series 4/8 *

15:50 . “I do believe that women can reach the same positions as men, and that they should do so. Women and men do have the same abilities and skills and they should be paid the same.”

Lydia has been the policy advisor of a Slovak member of the European Parliament for nine years. She also covers the Intergroup for sustainable hunting.

“ – Personally, I am old fashioned. I like it when a man says hello to me first or when a man holds the door for me. That comes more from the culture I was brought up in. And I am proud of it. I don’t think that makes me anti-feminist. It is my choice.
Let me give you an example. The other day I was entering a meeting and a man opened the door to let me in. Well, at the end of the meeting I opened the door to let him out. Another example : I compliment both men and women on the way they look. It is about reciprocity, about treating each other as equals whilst acknowledging our differences. For me this is more a matter of being polite and kind to each other.”

(About working for the European Union)

“ – I love working here. EU citizens do not realise it enough but EU laws literally have an impact on every part of their daily lives.
I could not point out the main event or moment that made me proud of my job.
For me – being happy with your work is a continuous feeling, you always have to be at your best and do your best. I feel proud when an event is successful, or when a legislation is passed, or when our visitors from Slovakia come and eagerly learn about the EU.
I think being happy with yourself cannot be summarized to one thing. It means understanding that you should always try to move forward and not focus on the small setbacks. When you do not feel at your best, just pick yourself back up.
And move forward.”


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