(IWD #4) The one who was old fashioned


* International Women’s day series *

15:50 . I am old fashioned in the sense that I like it when a man says hello to me first or when a man holds the door for me; that comes from the culture I was brought up in. I am proud of these habits and no I don’t think that makes me anti-feminist. Would I treat a man in the same way? Yes. For me, gender equality is about reciprocity. The other day I was entering a meeting and a man opened the door to let me in; well, at the end of the meeting I opened the door to let him out. I compliment both men and women on the way they look. I consider this a matter of being equally polite and kind to each other.

(Lydia has been the policy advisor of a Slovak member of the European Parliament for nine years and covers issues of sustainable hunting.)


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