(IWD #3) The one who helped others


*International Women’s day series 3/8 *

17:00 . ‘Taking care of peoples’ clothes makes their lives a little bit easier, it helps them feel less overwhelmed. I like the smell and sight of clean clothes and I like the feeling of helping people.’

(Anne Marie has been working at the laundry and dry cleaning service of the European Parliament for fourteen years.)

‘When I see clients who get upset over little things, like over a stain or a small ‘something’ that is broken, I automatically think of the importance of perspective.
There are so many bigger problems in life than a stain or a broken item. I don’t want to be judgemental because I think people go through different phases and cycles and that at the end of the day, everyone experiences different kinds of problems. But we can help each other in the process, right? I just want to believe that all human beings are capable of / and are endowed with empathy; that they all want to do good and be good. I really hope so at least. Life would be pretty sad otherwise.’




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