(IWD #3) The one who helped others


*International Women’s day series 3/8 *

17:00 . “Taking care of peoples’ clothes makes their lives a little bit easier, it helps them feel less overwhelmed. I like the smell and sight of clean clothes. And I like the feeling of helping people.”

Anne Marie has been working at the laundry and dry cleaning service of the European Parliament for 14 years.

“ – Sometimes, when I see that clients get upset over little things – like if they get upset over a stain or a small ‘something’ that is broken: I automatically think of the importance of perspective.
There are so many bigger problems in life than a stain or a broken item. I have had quite some setbacks in my life. I am not saying that other people have not lived difficult times – I think we all have. Also, I do not want to be judgemental because I think people go through different phases and cycles, that they experience different kinds of problems.
But I definitely feel it is crucial to be able to gain perspective on things – at all levels.
Because life is full of setbacks – and these get harder and harder with time. But when you have perspective, you feel stronger and stronger with time as well.

– What I believe in for sure – is that all human beings are capable of / and are endowed with empathy. That all human beings want to be good. That deep down they are in fact, good.
I really hope so at least. Life would be pretty sad otherwise.”



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