(IWD #2) The one with the Finnish proverb

Tuulia 2



*International Women’s day series 2/8 *

14 :50 . ‘In Finland, where I come from, we have this saying : ”Asiat riitelevät, eivät ihmiset”. It means something like : Subjects can fight but people cannot fight. I really believe in this saying.’

(Tuulia is the secretary general of the Young European Socialists, an organisation that unites ‘young socialists and social democrats’ from all over Europe to campaign and to provide a forum for debate and exchange.)

‘I’d say that in the politics field especially, when people fight or argue, it is because of an idea or subject, but they as human beings cannot essentially fight. If you take those contradictions away and scratch a little bit, you realise that deep down, people are all the same. They want the same things. I wish more people understood that.)


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