(IWD #1) The one who believed in women

Sabina 2



* International Women’s day series 1/8 *

20:00 . ‘I believe in the importance of women becoming less judgemental towards each other. Women tend to be more judgemental towards each other, than men are. We are harsher, perhaps also because we share much more with each other: we share personal stories and for some reason that opens up room for judgement instead of understanding and acceptance.’

‘Through the club, we try to sort out old patterns : for example, we learn to pause for five seconds before commenting on something, thinking first about whether the person in front of you needs an opinion or simply needs to be listened to. Especially in working environments like ours (European politics), where things are still male-dominated , we must enforce these mechanisms of sisterhood between us. Sisterhood can be as simple as complimenting other women around you. The aim is to create amongst women an atmosphere of acceptance instead of competition.
– I try to export all these little changes to behaviours in areas of daily life, so I’m kind of going through the learning process myself.’ (She laughs)

(Sabina is the co-founder of the Gentlewoman’s Club and a policy advisor at the European Parliament.)


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