The one who loved literature




16 : 15 . “I love libraries, I love books and literature. I feel really peaceful when I read.
I believe that words are the most powerful asset human beings possess. How we use our words allows us to communicate our ideas better. Words are a very powerful tool, especially in our field.
– I think that literature helps us understand an alternative perspective on the history and culture of countries. Through literature we understand not only the history of countries – but also the history of people.”

Nina is a journalist and a trainee at the office of a Slovak member of the European Parliament.

“ – To be honest, before coming here I had no idea how things worked or how the European Parliament worked. I always thought that Slovak MEPs were here working solely for our national interests. Now I understand that they are also working for an interest that goes beyond that, the interest of this big Union (The European Union). And it is very important work.
– Because Russia, the USA and China are big powers today. I live in Russia, and they really understand the importance of power and influence. But I see that Russians also attribute the importance of their nation to the imposing size of their territory. It makes them feel powerful. And it does give them power.
Well if you look at the European Union, each state taken individually is smaller, with its beauty and culture certainly. But Slovakia has 5 million people. As part of the European Union, it becomes part of a territory that has 500 million people. Can you see the difference ?
Our force here also comes from this Union of powers.”


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