The ones who came from the South


(The lady from the South)

10:00 . (Giuseppa) Sometimes people ask me why I look so serious, they even ask me if I am in a bad mood. You know what? I’m almost never in a bad mood. I simply look serious and don’t always smile because I take my job seriously!
I think that being a woman, certain people expect me to have a smiling face all the time. But I don’t want to. I don’t want to do things simply to please people. People who like me will accept it and others…I guess have to deal with it. That is how my parents raised me. 

(and the gentlemen from the South of South)

(Mohamed) When I was a teenager, I arrived from Morocco to settle here. Life has been pretty good here: I have been working here for more than twenty years now and Reda here as well. We sense that our work is linked with that of everyone else in this institution. They wouldn’t access wonderful food if it weren’t for us .

(Reda) I originally come from Algeria. Mo’ and I are really good friends. We share a lot of jokes at work and it makes it an agreeable atmosphere to work in. We also feel that we share similar backgrounds and cultures.

(Mohamed) – We do?

(They both laugh)


(Giuseppa, Mohamed and Reda work at the main self-service canteen of the European Parliament.)



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