The ones who met at the (European) café

Amiovi12:10 . (Kathy) Sometimes customers are in such a hurry that they order their drinks and leave the money behind without saying a simple hello or even smiling. Those are the times when I feel a bit piqued. A smile would be nice! After all we always smile!
(Amiovi) But then again, this happens everywhere. People are only human: some of them can be nice and some of them can be rude at times. Thankfully I have patience!
(She laughs) The only thing is: we all have our place in this institution and it is important for people to understand that: We are all important, no matter our level or function.
I asked them: what do you miss the most from your childhood?
(Kathy) I miss the smell of wood – my father’s wood particularly. He was a cabinetmaker and so everywhere I see or smell wood now, it brings me back to my childhood.
(Amiovi) I miss my roots: being in Togo and in Congo. Of course I feel Belgian, just like Kathy, but I will never forget where I come from: the food and the people there.
Do I consider myself European? Yes. I think the concept is beautiful, to be European. It means to be “all in this together”.
(Amiovi and Kathy have been working at the Mickey Mouse café of the European Parliament for more than 15 years – and have been friends since.)



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