The one who cared about European youth

27971676_408196052983621_2262325375343149471_n14:15 . “I like the human side of working for the EU. People from outside this « bubble » think that it is hierarchical but there are many MEPs who are very approachable, many people forming real friendships while working together. I go out for drinks with my boss, we are friends.”

Maria works for a Spanish member of the European Parliament, dealing with youth mostly.

“ – One of the files that genuinely made me feel like I had an impact, and the importance of my work – was the European Solidarity Corps*. I believe in solidarity, and sharing European identity between people, in increasing solidarity between people.
I genuinely believe in the notion of European identity and European culture. After all, I work with people from all European countries on the same files, the similar topics of culture. We all want the same – to contribute to strengthening European culture. That is beautiful.

“- I do miss Spain, I especially miss my family. I come from Estremadura. It is difficult for my friends back home to understand why I left. Why I left my Spanish roots to go to Brussels and work on European identity.
– Perhaps a lot of people back home dont really understand what European culture is about. Perhaps thats even why they dont necessarily get involved in European elections.
I am not certain what solution there is for people, especially young people, to engage more in the European project. I guess this is the question I am working on daily.”

*The European Solidarity Corps is an initiative which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad.


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