The one who was not so angry

28166885_408180729651820_5632635416497108487_n11:10 . “ So what if people view us as angry women ? For good reasons we are.”
(She laughs)

Sara has been working as the press officer of a member of the European Parliament since 2015. She is also a journalist and one of the founders of the period feminist initiative*.

“- Actually at first I did not want to do anything with politics, my background is journalism. Then I somehow slipped into that. 2015 was the highest point of the refugee crisis in Austria as well and I figured that I really wanted to engage and do something about this.I had the impression that here in Brussels, within the EU institutions, something would be possible, that work could be done at another level than the one I had already done with NGOs and other organisations.
This is how I ended up here. This is why I joined the Greens.

– I do like my work here, but it is now clear that you cannot see the impact of your work so quickly, because you change politics for 500 million people and obviously that does not materialize in a heartbeat.
Our work at the Parliament will appear in a couple of years or even in a decade.
My work at period. means the opposite, because it is so grassroots-y.

(About period.)

– We started period not because we felt that our work at the European Parliament was not enough, but for the simple reason that we noticed a lot of sexism here in Brussels and a lot of sexual harrassment. At work, in public transportation, on the streets even.
We figured it might have something to do with Brussels being such a center male power – hence : toxic masculinity. And we decided to do something about it.
This phenomenon is surely common to big cities or big hubs of working environments.
Everywhere in the world where power is highly concentrated, there are abuses of power.
But this is the European capital. The EU is supposed to represent exactly these values of freedom, equality and justice.
So we decided to stand up together and that felt like the most powerful thing.”

*Period. is a feminist network and grassroots movement founded in 2015, that offers monthly workshops, get-togethers, and feminist festivals.


3 thoughts on “The one who was not so angry

  1. Dear Soundous, Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring article. I am trying to find more information about period. and would like to get in touch with Sarah. Is it possible to get me in touch with her?

    Thank you,
    Axelle Van den Meerssche


    1. Dear Axelle

      I am so terribly sorry that I don’t check my gmail account more often (not almost ever) – I should perhaps change my e-mail address on the blog
      As for Sarah, you can contact her directly at @periodbrussels – she is a communication specialist and an awesome feminist!


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